7 Drops of Light is a project built in WordPress. The client already had a website, but since the business concept changed and improved client needed a redesign and eCommerce implementation. And it was full overhaul with UX and UI redesign.

We participated in UX improvements and suggestions. From there, the designer did a UI and delivered PSD files to us. After a few suggestions on designs, we were ready to start development.

Development was divided into three milestones. The first milestone was to create HTML mocks and create a custom WordPress theme. The second milestone was to optimize and style the blog section with all of its elements. The third milestone was to install, optimize and style WooCommerce.

We created HTML mockups from designs and implemented them in a fully custom WordPress theme with the help of custom fields and other plugins that were carefully selected.

Besides this, we also helped the client to improve SEO optimization.


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