Improve your sales results with eCommerce

Today customers are looking for easy, quick and convenient ways for their purchases from the comfort of their home. You should think about developing eCommerce as a growing force and great opportunity for your business development. Look at some future trends of ecommerce you should focus on.

What is SaaS? A few things you should know about it

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a cloud-based method of software delivery on a subscription basis also known as “on-demand software”. It means instead of purchasing the software you subscribe and just log in from any compatible device on the internet.

Why is digitalization important and its advantages

The biggest goals of digitalization are the improvement of products, automatization of the process, and easier communication with customers. That makes your business grow much easier and faster.

Why research is important for Marketing Strategy

One, if not the most important thing you can do before you set your marketing strategy is research. But why is it so important? Research is important for digital marketing because it provides useful information that can help you build your brand, product, following, and make your job much easier and much more effective.

Importance of understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is digital analytics software that allows you to track and analyze in-depth details about people that visit your website. For you to understand your audience and monitor traffic on your website in order to achieve the best results, you need to understand the importance of Google Analytics.

Social Media impact on the Business Development

Social media is a digital tool that allows quick creation and sharing of content in real-time. Some of the popular social media sites you know are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Differences between SaaS and software

There are a lot of differences between SaaS and traditional software. By buying traditional software you pay for a license and then u get it and install it on your hardware right? But with SaaS, you pay a subscription (monthly, yearly, per consumption, etc…) and the software is ready for use.