Importance of understanding Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a digital analytics software that allows you to track and analyze in-depth details about people that visit your website. For you to understand your audience and monitor traffic on your website in order to achieve the best results, you need to understand the importance of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics shows a lot of useful information you can follow:

  • New users – Number of new users that visited your website
  • Bounce Rate – the percentage of people that after visiting your landing page left your website and didn’t explore more
  • Average session duration – You can see the average duration of time that a visitor spends on your website
  • Pageviews – As it says, shows the number of people that saw or visited your website daily
  • Device – It shows what devices people used when visited your website
  • Demographics – Where are people that are visiting your website coming from

And much more… 

But why is it so important?

With all that information that you can access, building your marketing strategy is much more easier. When you can monitor and review what is working and what isn’t, it will help you decide what  direction you should take with your website development, and then you can save resources and redirect them to improve your business on other fields.

Some examples of using Google Analytics in the way that benefit your website:

  • Knowing what to focus on. With Google Analytics you can see what kind of content gets the most visits, impressions and engagement, so you can analyze and optimize your website to boost it even more.
  • It helps with the SEO of your website as well. As SEO is important for your website and its growth, using Google Analytics helps you with optimizing. Being able to track the demographic and interest of people that are visiting your website, you can create content that better targets that your audience, and you can get better visibility on search engines.
  • You can set up custom dashboards and reports to follow. If you don’t need all that default information, you can create custom dashboards and reports of specific points you want to follow and have them automatically sent to you at any period of time you choose.
  • Easy to follow your goals. With all that, goals you set for yourself is so easy to follow. If you want a certain number of visits on some page, it is all easy to set up and follow. These goals you set could be your main success drivers and help you move in the right direction with your business development.

To conclude, should you use Google Analytics? 

The answer is YES! Google Analytics is, first of all, free and easy to use – so why not use it. It can only help your business growth and you have nothing to lose. You can successfully monitor the progress of your marketing strategy and goals you set, and see if it works or not. And when you identify those issues, if there are any, with all the information Google Analytics gives you, you can create solutions that are going to improve your website.

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