Is it time to redesign your website?

How do you know that your website needs a redesign – visual and functional update?

Take your website to the next level

Sometimes you need to admit that your website doesn’t seem to be so perfect to you anymore, or just isn’t performing well. Than you need to do something about improving it. If you want to adapt to new customers and market demands it’s time to move toward improvements to redesign your website.

Let’s consider your ideas together

Even if you are satisfied with your website, maybe you are missing the business opportunities to resolve your customers’ requirements.
That directly can affect ROI (Return Of Investments).
Improving conversions and visitors engagement is the goal you should go for.

There are some things that indicate that is the time of redesign process of your website to remain relevant on the online market.

Some of the main signals that is the right time for a website redesign are:

If your website is not performing well on Search Engines

This is the main signal that you are not set your on-page SEO properly. On each page you need to set up unique title tags and prepare to customize your website to search engines. That includes meta descriptions, H1 tags, relevant keywords, page links, optimized images.

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Your website loads too slowly

You should run your website through some of the speed testers to see the loading time. Most visitors abandon websites which loading time is longer than a few seconds. This also causes a decrease of a conversion rate. You can also check your Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console. That rates your website and scores each page. This is an inside algorithm so if you have bad scores, that could negatively affect your search engine ranking. If your website could not be found by customers, you are missing a point.

You have a high Bounce Rate

That information is visible in Google Analytics, showing the percentage of visitors that visit only a single page on your website and then leave for some reason. This could be about poor user experience.

Website not secured with HTTPS

Nowadays, visitors pay more attention to safety. So they will mostly choose secured websites to visit. There’s a possibility that they decide to leave if they feel insecure. If you want your visitors to feel safe you should use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

If your have broken links on your website

That could have a negative influence on user experience. These kinds of links send visitors to a 404 error page, which results in them leaving your website. You need to remove or modify bad links if you discover this kind of problem on your website.

Your website doesn’t display properly on Mobile Devices

That is the sign you should work on your responsive design of your website. Responsive design makes your website compatible with all mobile devices, and makes that your website adapts automatically to the device on which it is viewed.
If your website navigation is weak, new visitors that don’t know the structure of your website won’t be able to find what they are looking for and they live confused. Bad navigation beside the visitor satisfaction also can affect your search ranking, bounce rate and site conversions. It is obvious that this can negatively affect almost all aspects of your website. So you need to think of improving it.

If you have a static pages with outdated content

You need to activate your website. With fresh and relevant content, that is the best way.
You should publish new content regularly, according to your plan and development strategy. It is important that your content is relevant, up to date and interesting to your target audience. That will drive more traffic to your website, new visitors, and better ranking on search engines.

If your website doesn’t keep up with your business or Brand Development Process

You need an update and improvement. To drive you to success, every single detail on your website needs to be updated, to reflect your business and represent your brand in the best light. Despite the voice of your business and marketing presentation your visitors will be confused about what they can expect from your services at the end.

Make an Brand-focused Website

Create a unique online identity for your business.
It is important that every element works together and tells the complete story. In that way visitors easily remember and connect with your brand.

If you’re not using right CTA

to motivate and move your visitors to action. Successful CTA tells your visitors clearly what is the next step that they should take on their buyer’s journey. You should consider your website as a powerful marketing tool that helps you to connect to your audience and turn them into customers. We can help you improve your online presence to grow your business. For you to focus on satisfying customers’ demands you need to find a reliable partner who can indicate to you which development steps you need to take to improve your website performance.

Give your Website complete Makeover

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