Social Media impact on the Business Development

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a digital tool that allows quick creation and sharing of content in a real-time. Some of the popular Social Media sites you know are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik-Tok etc. It makes a big part of our daily lives and most of us use it every day. In a world of 7 billion people, more than half are on the Internet. Based on that fact, we get the conclusion that a big amount has a Social Media Account. Than you can just imagine what kind of impact social media has on the business industry.

As important as marketing is for your business, having social media is a must today. But it could not affect your business overnight. You need to build up your brand and it may take you years to get to the point you want.

Why is it so important?

Here are some benefits of Social Media for the Business Industry:

  • Build trust and awareness of your brand. With almost 5 billion people on the internet and social media, it’s easier to spread the word about your business. Some statistics show that more than 60% of Instagram users discover new products on social media, which just shows the potential of spreading awareness by promoting your product. Building trust is important too because it shows that you care about your customers. 
  • Tracking competition. Having a good marketing strategy can be hard, but with information about businesses that use social media, you can study your competition and see what are they doing good or not so good, and learn from it, adapt, and use it for your advantage.
  • Communication with your customers. It is much easier now to communicate with your customers and to get faster and more efficient reviews of your products. Having real-time feedback is very good for your business, to find out and learn what your customers need.
  • Collaboration. In collaboration with other brands or influencers can boost your brand above expected
  • Generate traffic to your website. By promoting your posts on social media you can boost traffic on your website as well.
  • Targeting specific groups of people. Now you can target specific groups of people that you want to show your ads and your content. It is much easier to get better sales results when you target specified groups of people who might be interested in your products.  

And best of all – it is free, so you have nothing to lose. Just create a profile and get started.

With the regular update to your social media strategy, you could be surprised with results.

With all that being said, social media is a really powerful platform to start promoting your business, build up your brand, or just have good and healthy communication with your customers.


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